I define curriculum crashing as a process in which traditional liberal arts fields undergo scrutiny, evaluation, and revitalization for 21st-century relevance. It is not enough that professors believe in the value of what they teach; students must also buy into the curriculum for educational impact to be greatest. The “content course” has a new meaning today. Content is no longer a privilege of the college classroom, something benevolently imparted from teacher to student through an inspiring lecture. Modern technology has made content something everyday and today’s students are not convinced that they need a class to access it; to them classes are for a degree and a degree is for a job. Disciplines that are not directly tied to professional occupations–the majority of traditional liberal arts fields–need to rethink what (and how) they teach. The skills in writing, oration, and persuasion as well as the interconnected knowledge of the world and cosmos that defined the traditional liberal arts are still relevant. Curricular content that has masked this core purpose over generations of field specialization needs an overhaul. Let’s crash the party and get to work!

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