My Experience Publishing with Hybrid Pedagogy

I had the privilege to publish a short-form article with Hybrid Pedagogy this summer. It was a collaborative process through and through. The essay was co-authored with my colleague, Jessica Mahoney, and the peer-review process was completely open, allowing me to directly converse with the journal’s editors as Jessica and I made revisions.

As scholarship adapts to changes in technology and information sharing in the digital age, I see tremendous benefits in this sort of peer review. The time lags that occur in the traditional format may be suited to longer, more in depth writing, but research aimed at keeping up with the rapid exchange of ideas will need a more instantaneous platform. Although I doubt traditional scholarship will completely die out–it does offer something of tremendous value–I suspect the acceptance and quality of short form writing and open peer review will continue to grow.

Furthermore, I believe this is a great model for student writing. The systematic routine of leading students through the motions of 5-part expository essays may have little relevance for their writing in the future. Students should write to learn to think and communicate both valid and compelling ideas. Co-authorship and open peer review may be the way to increase motivation and participation.

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